How to Declutter Your Home Fast With Following Extreme Decluttering Tips

declutter your home

Living a minimalist lifestyle is challenging for everyone. But if you want to succeed in this efforts, you will need to get rid of stuff you don’t need and make decluttering in your living space. So, today I want to share one of my favorite extreme decluttering tips that can help you to declutter your home fast.

Even I talk here about the decluttering fast, still, this is not a quick win solution. Why? Because you can not say that you can dedicate one day, or one week, or one month of your life to work on decluttering your home. This is the continuous and ongoing process. Probably you have too much stuff. Also, you buy too much stuff. There is outdated stuff. Once you bring order in a specific space, tomorrow again you and your family will make disorders. So, you need to work every day on such activities if you want to succeed in your efforts.

Can You Dedicate Daily Time Slot to Declutter Your Home

But, how I can dedicate everyday time slots to work on decluttering my home when I have too many other things to do?

If you ask such a question it is the normal question to ask. When I start working on decluttering my home, I have asked the same question. But, with the right system in place and implementing some habits that I will talk later I succeed quickly to see the real results.

Once you start the process to declutter your home you will automatically feel better and your home will become closer to a minimalist lifestyle looking better too.

1. Create a Strong System that You will Follow to Succeed in Decluttering Your Home

In the previous article titled how to get rid of stuff you don’t need I talk about creating the system when you want to work to declutter your home. It is important for you to have something like a formal decluttering system because this system will make a more strategic person. So, start by answering these questions:

declutter your home process

  • What do I want to achieve with decluttering my home?
  • What approaches can I use when I will work on this aspects?
  • How can I make these activities to become habits?
  • When will I work on decluttering?

2. Use 5×5 Challenge to Start Decluttering Your Home

I named this habit as a 5×5 challenge. It is a simple process that I use every day. What means 5×5 challenge?

This is a simple daily task that asks from me to find 5 items to throw away, and 5 items to donate. I see this challenge as something fun and exciting for me. The fact is that we have too much stuff. So, this is useful for everyone.

Using this challenge I can quickly succeed to remove 10 things in my home. So, on the monthly level, I am getting rid of 300 things that I don’t need.

This is one of the best strategies if you want to declutter your home fast.

An additional tip I want to share that I am testing in the last several weeks is to include my wife in this challenging process. The competition already gives impressive results. In the last two weeks, we clean more than more than 200 things from the smallest one to some bigger things that decrease our own space.

The next thing I want to try is to include my 13-year-old son in the challenge.

3. Morning Ritual One Bag, Three Things Out to Declutter Your Home

This tactic is also something that helped me to keep clean my home. What does this tactic mean?

Each morning when I prepare my tea, I grab one bag and look around me to find three things that will finish in the garbage. I go in three rooms – the kitchen where I am, living room and my office. It is impressive that each morning I can find three things. It doesn’t matter if it is a piece of paper or some broken or functional toy of my children. I always find something to declutter my home.

I propose you to try this tactic. It is really encouraging to start the day knowing that you will get rid of three things. Try it each day for one week, and you will start feeling the additional energy in your home.

4. Make a List of the Places You Can Always Find Something to Get Rid Of

This recommendation is important because it will help you with the previous three tactics. Simply I have a list on my fridge of places in my home where I can easily start to declutter. So, each morning, this list reminds me that I need to use all previous tactic I have described here.

My list is divided into three categories:

  • Easiest to find something – I am here each day when I struggle to find something in the next categories.
  • Medium to find something – This is the next place where I check when I can not find something in the next category.
  • Hard to find something – This is the first place where I check to find something.
  • Clothes closets – Everyday once when I try to find what to wear the next day I look into my closet to decide if everything that I have there still deserve to be there.

When I add the priority for the places, I easily come with the decluttering matrix, that for the first time I am sharing here.

declutter your home matrix

So, when I start with my 5×5 challenge or my morning decluttering ritual, I always know the steps where I need to try first, second, and third going with the two bags for the 5×5 challenge and one bag for morning ritual.

You really need to try this easy decluttering tips and strategies if you want to declutter your home fast. These strategies will help you to declutter fast and continuous. You will start living with less stuff and will feel how you everyday simplify your life.