How to Build High Level of Self-Confidence

Yes, I can! Yes, I can do! How many times daily you say this to yourself? This is the most important statement you will need to tell yourself each morning when you start your day. This is something that will increase the level of your self-confidence.

If you don’t say this statement to yourself, probably you will need to work on building or improving your level of self-confidence.

1. Do you know what you want to achieve?

Your self-confidence will impact your achievements. If you are not confident in yourself, you will try to escape from achieving kinds of stuff that you think you are not good enough. Sometimes this can be your subjective thoughts, and sometimes objective thoughts. In both cases, you will need to do something if you want to succeed in what you want to achieve.

Can you describe yourself with positive words? How do you want to look in the future? Can you see yourself in the future?

These are important questions when you want to start working on building self-confidence. When you give the answers to these questions, are you proud of yourself?

The idea behind these exercise of visualization of yourself in the future is to see an excellent version of yourself. Whit the end goal in your mind, you can start building the journey you will need to pass if you want to build a high level of self-confidence.

2. Make a list of your most important strengths

What are your biggest strengths that you are proud of?

This is an important question for you if you want to start working on building your self-confidence. Why? It is important because it will give you the starting point. If you are really strong in some areas, you will start feeling superiority under other people. In such a way you will become more self-confident for your own competences.

So, your strengths, and more importantly, the knowledge that you have strengths will increase your self-confidence.

3. Make a list of your most important achievements.

If you want to build a high level of self-confidence, you will need to look back to see what are your most important achievements.

If you already have some big achievements in the past, this exercise will help you to improve your level of self-confidence.

But, sometimes there are not some big achievements. How you can use this exercise?

Simply start small and make the first progress toward some of the most challenging things you want to achieve. Put all of your small achievement on a piece of paper. After several weeks while you work on small achievements look inside your list and see if the collection of these small achievements create some larger achievement.

Continue with the process until you become proud of what you have achieved in the past. This proudness will increase your self-confidence level.

4. Make a list of things related to yourself that scares you the most?

This is the third important list you will need to make if you want to start building self-confidence.

Why this list?

You need this list because it is important to start doing these things. When you pass one by one of the things in this list, you will see that there are not reasons to fear.

The most useful approaches to overcome fear and your own insecurity is to challenge them regularly. You need to face with them. When you start doing these things every day, you will begin to increase your self-confidence from this experience.

As you can see it is critical to get out of your comfort zone and confront what scares you!

5. Why you criticize yourself?

Do you find yourself when you have too much self-criticism every day?

Why do you need to put so many critics? If you have criticized yourself many times in the past, do you achieve the results you want to achieve with such behavior? Or, you start to value yourself less than your real value is?

Try to change this approach and give yourself much better ratings and see what will happens.

So, start killing your negative thoughts about yourself. You can do it the right from first time. You can achieve everything if you start doing something related to that achievement.

6. Setup achievable goals to improve your self-confidence

If you want your self-confidence to continually increase, you will need to set achievable goals.


Lets, stop for a moment and think what happened when you setup unachievable goals. The name gives you the answer: you don’t achieve the goals you set.

What happened after you don’t achieve your goals?

Again, the answer is simple: your self-confidence decrease.

So, if you want to increase your self-confidence, always start with the achievable goals and design all the necessary steps you need to take in order to achieve them.

7. Don’t compare yourself with others

Even sometimes it is good to make a comparison between you and other people, especially your competition or your role models, still, if you don’t have a higher level of self-confidence it is better to not do this.

When you think that other people are better, or have more, or look better will decrease your level of self-confidence. You need to remember that you will not get anything with the comparison.

8. Continuous Learning is Helpful

If you use your goals and action steps you need to take in order to achieve something important, you can easily see what knowledge and skills you will need.

Now, when you know what you need to be excellent for what you are doing, you can easily start learning and experimenting in order to improve your own competence.

Better competence means your better self-confidence.