spark email client

Spark Email Client of Choice – Why I Choose Spark?

Having in mind that many of my everyday tasks require communication through email, in the last several years I have tried and tested many different email clients (paid and free). Before several months it comes to give a try to Spark mail app because the Astro mail for which I have written here is no more available.

After I get the information about the end of the life of Astro Mail I have turned to several paid email clients to test them in order to select the best for my needs. I have tested Canary Mail, Airmail, Postbox, and Spark. Even each of them gives some unique functionalities, after making the test of all of them I have decided to continue with the Spark.

So, here I want to share my thoughts related to Spark as my email client of choice.

drafts app

Drafts App – the Central Point of Your Capturing System

I would really like to express my thoughts about the app called Drafts. In my everyday work, I have many different ideas and thoughts related to my private life and my business. If I want to ensure that I will use my ideas in the future I need to have a specific capturing system that will ensure my ideas will not be forgotten. So the Drafts app on my iPhone becomes my central point in my capturing system.

Here I would like to explain some of the best features that the Drafts app gives me in order to become a more productive person.

Best Alfred Workflows

My Top 5 Best Alfred Workflows That I Use the Most

I am a big fan of Alfred app for Mac. For the last four years, there is not a day in my life to use this app without a minimum once. With Alfred workflows, I can not say how much time I have saved in this period. This means increased productivity, efficiency and effectiveness when I work on my computers. Here I would like to share five best Alfred Workflows (according to me) that I use the most in my daily working routine.

Astro Mail

Increase Your Productivity With Astro Mail

Email is something that we use every day to communicate with others or to get some new information about something. Whether you use your email for personal or business communications, or updates related to work or pleasure, you simply deal with email on an everyday basis.

In the last ten years, I have tried a dozens email client apps, use them for several months, and come back to the Appleā€™s mail client. Until now I am using Astro Mail for more than 6 months and I can say that it is the best email app I have used. Because of that, I would like to start this new blog with this email client.