Best Alfred Workflows

My Top 5 Best Alfred Workflows That I Use the Most

I am a big fan of Alfred app for Mac. For the last four years, there is not a day in my life to use this app without a minimum once. With Alfred workflows, I can not say how much time I have saved in this period. This means increased productivity, efficiency and effectiveness when I work on my computers. Here I would like to share five best Alfred Workflows (according to me) that I use the most in my daily working routine.

get rid of stuff you dont need

How to Get Rid of Stuff You Don’t Need to Feel Much Better in Your Own Home

In the last several years I have started to clean my house and get rid of stuff that I don’t use. Simply I found myself feeling tired whenever I need to find something I need to move 90% of the stuff I don’t need. They simply take a large part of my space, limit my movement, my view. Do I finish my job? No! There are still too many things I don’t need that I need to get rid of them. They need to be in the trash or to give away to people that will use them.