Author name: Dragan Sutevski

efficient time management

Here is How to Develop a System for Effective Time Management

How you can set up a system approach in effective time management?

Well, when we talk about the business, it’s not enough to talk only about you as an entrepreneur and your time. For complete success, you need your team members to manage their own time successfully. But, believe me, if you succeed with you, you can transfer your good practices to your employees.

You are the leader, as an entrepreneur, and I understand that your leadership capabilities are at a high level to create a kind of behavioral pattern on your team members.

7 small changes

7 Small Changes That Will Make a Difference in Your Life

Sometimes small changes can bring great differences in your personal and professional life. They are not something that will require huge rejections from you, nor too many resources you will need to implement. They are simply small changes you need to make and feel the difference in your life.

You can simply start the implementation today and feel the benefits tomorrow.

declutter your home

How to Declutter Your Home Fast With Following Extreme Decluttering Tips

Living a minimalist lifestyle is challenging for everyone. But if you want to succeed in this efforts, you will need to get rid of stuff you don’t need and make decluttering in your living space. So, today I want to share one of my favorite extreme decluttering tips that can help you to declutter your home fast.

Even I talk here about the decluttering fast, still, this is not a quick win solution. Why? Because you can not say that you can dedicate one day, or one week, or one month of your life to work on decluttering your home. This is the continuous and ongoing process. Probably you have too much stuff. Also, you buy too much stuff. There is outdated stuff. Once you bring order in a specific space, tomorrow again you and your family will make disorders. So, you need to work every day on such activities if you want to succeed in your efforts.

Using COUNTIF Function in Google Sheets

Using COUNTIF Function in Google Sheets to Describe Categorical Variable

Many times when we analyze data, we have some textual, or categorical variables. For example, we can have small, medium and big. Or we can have gender as male and female. Many times our data can use Yes and No as an answer. So, it becomes problematic to analyze such categorical data because we can not perform arithmetic on them. For this purpose COUNTIF function in Google Sheets can be very useful.

finish everything on your to-do list

How Can You Always Finish Everything on Your To-Do List?

Before some period of time, I have an interesting conversation with an entrepreneur. While we discuss, I noticed a sheet of paper before him with activities for that day. Those that were finished were crossed with a pen and at the moment when I arrived the last one was not completed and still in progress. It is a To-Do list, something that makes each of us more organized and more productive allowing the completion of all activities for the current day.

too little time

Do We Have Too Little Time to Do Everything We Want to Do?

I have frequently asked this question in the past, and even now it sometimes comes to my mind. Do we have too little time to do everything that we want to do?

Why such a question?

Because in the past, every day when I go to my work and look at my to-do list, I see 50 to hundreds of tasks. There were tasks even before several months I put on the list.